omnigenix is flexible on what it can provide. 

We are keen to work with:

  • small businesses at startup or scaleup stages, 

  • larger businesses requiring project-based assistance or new ideas,

  • voluntary or public sector organisations

We can support in a flexible manner, to suit your needs, for example:

  • non-exec directorships

  • ad-hoc resource, by the hour, day or week

  • blocks of days or weeks for project based work

  • days spread over longer periods for strategic or other consultancy work

  • speaking to teams, conferences and media about innovation, incubation and ecosystem development

No organisation has the same needs or budget, so please get in touch to talk through what you need.

We have experience in the following areas, at various levels

  • Board level development - structure, performance, implementation

  • Talks, presentations, workshops

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Stakeholder management

  • City-level economic development

  • General Management

  • Small Business Advice

  • Public speaking

  • Group facilitation

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